Just as any other outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about fear, panic and distress not only to a country but on a global scale.

Seemingly new, the world saw a new tide of nature turning against humanity. Understanding the implications and acting swiftly, countries were adopting nation-wide lockdowns. Although this served as a precaution in preventing the spread, it wasn’t enough. The citizens did not know how to deal with the situation.

The most crucial need of the hour was to increase awareness among the people on how to protect themselves and how to remain safe. Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings India Pvt Ltd has continuously been working in spreading authentic Do’s and Don’t and safety measures prescribed by The WHO and The Government of India.

Being an Out of Home media owner, Skyrams wanted to take responsibility and do its part for the nation. Comprehending the nature of the situation, it was clear that people were anxious, and in a state of fear. Wordy messages on the safety measures and protection tips would have passed right by as they wouldn’t have the time to read it. The result was “At-A-Glance” creatives that delivered the message with the help of images and minimal text.

Posted on 30 vibrant Large Format Digital OOH media in the city of Coimbatore, Skyrams went live with the “Make-COVID-known” campaign on 23rd March.

Showing support and aiding people #FlatenTheCurve, these creatives focused on positivity and courage. They emphasized on urging people to stay home, practice personal hygiene, maintain social distance and follow the safety guidelines issued by the government.

Recognizing the efforts of aiding the affected, maintaining order during the lockdown, keeping the public safe and fighting to stop the spread, Skyrams also stood in solidarity with the Healthcare workers, Traffic and Police departments and Sanitary Workers. As a token of gratitude towards them, Skyrams has independently dedicated Innovative Bus-Stop Shelters in prime locations of Chennai and Coimbatore, saluting our #FrontlineWarriors. Also, as an extension of the campaign and a way of helping the people stay sanitized in public spaces the Bus-Stop Shelters have featured a Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Mounted on the bus shelters. the dispensers serve the core purpose but also act as a constant reminder to the public to maintain personal hygiene.


Pooja Davda

Brand Manager