makes us different?

Textile Industry is now at the stage of flourishment, due its uniqueness of offering employment for both skilled and non-skilled labourers with the help of machines. The scope of work has become wider than the industry experts expected, thanks to textile machineries. The method and matter keep changing in accordance with the present trend among consumers. Not just cotton, the industry dwells with the other materials such as Silk, Woolen, Readymade garments, hand-crafted and Jute, which yield revenue throughout the year

Acetech affirms on-time quality in the textile industry that makes us stand apart. Fine quality yarns in spinning system require more accurate sheet metal parts and Acetech pledges to offer industry solutions with perfection from the beginning. We are privileged to produce the requisite technological components for textile machineries like Machine frames, Suction System parts, and Tube Loader parts, Panel Assemblies, Trolleys, Coiling system and Skeleton for spinning machinery.


At the advent of app-oriented living, the communication and business trends have changed tremendously. Acetech, as an IT solution provider, is a one-stop automated answer for the industry.

Due to the proliferation in the number of people migrating to urban areas, the cities face new challenges to adapt, accommodate and accelerate. Acetech helps you address these challenges seamlessly and efficiently through our sustainable solutions.

Healthcare has become one of the pivotal sectors in terms of revenue, employment, demand and service. Taking into consideration the need for more supply, we, at Acetech, promise to deliver quality solutions across the nation and beyond.