S K Nirmal, Secretary General of Indian Roads Congress highlighted the measures to augment Indian’s roads experience through OOH during 1st day at OAC 2018

S K Nirmal, Secretary General of IRC, the apex body of Highway Engineers of the country presented the government policies with respect to the outdoor advertisement during addressing the 14th edition of Outdoor Advertising Convention 2018.  Designed in December 1934 on the recommendations of the Indian Road Development Committee known as Jayakar Committee set up by the Govt. of India with the objective of Road Development in India. The guidelines have been framed primarily to avoid accidents as advertisements can often distract the attention of drivers of motor vehicles and in that case are a public hazard or a nuisance.

“In the last 46 years, various guidelines have been issues considering aspects such as location, size, illumination, types of ads not permitted, licensing procedure and fees to be collected.  These guidelines have been designed keeping in mind the motorist safety”, he shared.

He touched upon numerous other aspects ranged around the location of the roadside advertisement, the spacing between consecutive hoardings, illuminated advertisements, derogatory advertisements prohibited for public display, recommended sizes and conditions for granting permission for installing hoardings. He concluded his session on a positive note that the government is ready to listen to the concerns of the industry.