makes us different?

Whatever the scenario, one industry which always flourishes is Construction, due to its ever-growing demand. Expansion of any business involves construction and to meet the challenges of the industry one must navigate through the shortest and effective path to reach the aspired result. Notably it is the second largest industry in terms of scope for the future in India, after agriculture

Recognizing the obvious scope, we at Acetech have made our mark in the past few years manufacturing a wide range of components for Heavy Construction equipment.

Acetech serves the industry by fulfilling the demands, offering robustness and reliabilities in the manufacturing components such as Transit Mixers, Construction Pumps, Batching Plants, Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC) applications.


Due to the proliferation in the number of people migrating to urban areas, the cities face new challenges to adapt, accommodate and accelerate. Acetech helps you address these challenges seamlessly and efficiently through our sustainable solutions.

All major industries irrespective of topography run with the help of machines, be it heavy or light based on its objective. Acetech commits to provide life-long quality maintenance, being in Machinery manufacturing and distribution.

At the advent of app-oriented living, the communication and business trends have changed tremendously. Acetech, as an IT solution provider, is a one-stop automated answer for the industry.