makes us different?

The main reason for the food processing industry to flourish is the fact that food is subject to decay and it’s seasonal. The processing makes the food edible and the industry profitable. Though it sounds basic, the whole industry is based upon this vital scientific truth.

Rightly understanding the core of this industry, we at Acetech have started a venture to manufacture food processing machineries. The pattern is not fixed for any of the products, but custom-engineered to meet the specific needs of each organization, in accordance with their purpose.

The automation process for each component we make is tested thoroughly and it meets the high standards set by the Government norms, in order to make sure the quality is not compromised. Not only production, but also life-long service has been assured from our end for any single of bulk orders, keeping the consumer satisfaction counted.


Making a Greener World through Electric Vehicles, Acetech provides 100+ proven solutions rapidly deployable, to ensure that future cities are accommodating, occupational and empowering.

Rightly understanding the needs of the market leaders, we at Acetech produce components which are tough, reliable and cost-effective which can be utilized for years to come.

Foregrounding the promising future and growing present, Acetech dwells into this industry as a pioneer with more than 1000+ staff working hand in hand with the industry experts.