makes us different?

Food as an industry is poised for huge growth, increasing its revenue aligned with the world trade every year. Food sector has emerged successfully as a profit-giving sector because of its immense potential for value addition, particularly within its processing industry. Be it employment or production, it is incomparable to any other industry.

Acetech assists and augments the industry by supporting the consumers, food chains and individuals with our production machines and processing equipment. We have commissioned a plant exclusively for manufacturing food processing machineries. The design and manufacturing of equipment are custom-engineered to meet the requirements of this fast-moving world. Acetech’s products range from individual to automated systems that source bulk materials from interior and exterior feeders, ranging between process equipment and storage vessels, weight it, blend it, feed it to packaging lines as well.

At Acetech we produce a wide range of reliable, high performance equipment in stainless steel designed and constructed to industrial, food, and diary or confectionery machineries with extreme durability and sustainability.


Due to the proliferation in the number of people migrating to urban areas, the cities face new challenges to adapt, accommodate and accelerate. Acetech helps you address these challenges seamlessly and efficiently through our sustainable solutions.

Healthcare has become one of the pivotal sectors in terms of revenue, employment, demand and service. Taking into consideration the need for more supply, we, at Acetech, promise to deliver quality solutions across the nation and beyond.

At the advent of app-oriented living, the communication and business trends have changed tremendously. Acetech, as an IT solution provider, is a one-stop automated answer for the industry.