makes us different?

Each Earth Moving equipment is pertained to an industry, while some of the industries require all of them. Based on the purpose, the demand varies in accordance with time. The five major Earth-moving equipment are Excavator, Backhoe loaders, Bulldozers, Skid Steer Loaders and Trenchers. Though these heavy machines are associated with destruction or demolition projects, they do have constructive purposes such as laying roads and mining, to name a few.

The sturdy nature of the projects ensures and encourages the industry to invest for a longer period of time. Rightly understanding the needs of the market leaders, we at Acetech produce components which are tough, reliable and cost-effective which can be utilized for years to come. As a component manufacturer and distributer, Acetech integrates all systems focusing on performances and applications of Heavy Machines. We rely on the utilitarian value of each product keeping in count the obsolete possibility of the same.

We are entitled to manufacture products which are long-lasting and profit-bound. In addition to that, we also provide service outlets across the nation for timely repair and delivery. Having been partnered with industry leaders in India and beyond, we follow the present trend and modify the equipment on parity with the global standards.


Making a Greener World through Electric Vehicles, Acetech provides 100+ proven solutions rapidly deployable, to ensure that future cities are accommodating, occupational and empowering.

Foregrounding the promising future and growing present, Acetech dwells into this industry as a pioneer with more than 1000+ staff working hand in hand with the industry experts.

As one of the pioneers in custom fabrications, assembly and production services, we offer complete Heavy Metal Fabrication for a variety of customers who belong to different industries.