makes us different?

Transportation of goods within the nation mainly relies on Railways and it is pertained to all sorts of sectors including food, textiles and others. To suffice the railways as an industry one must start from the production and end with the maintenance. We provide end-to-end solutions with our expertise in making and manufacturing components for integral Rail Coaches which include heavy bodies and structure for Rail and Metro Business.

As we have the fourth largest railway network in the world, it is ever growing meeting the needs of the people, in the name of globalization increasing connectivity between cities. Within the completion of the following the decade, almost every city will be connected to the rural parts of its vicinity, producing a mammoth network.

As the metro has become the way of life, the industry is promising for investors and it brings to light the necessity for manufactures. We at Acetech after much analysis and pilot study have plunged into the field affirming and ascertaining the stability, mobility and reliability.


Due to the proliferation in the number of people migrating to urban areas, the cities face new challenges to adapt, accommodate and accelerate. Acetech helps you address these challenges seamlessly and efficiently through our sustainable solutions.

At the advent of app-oriented living, the communication and business trends have changed tremendously. Acetech, as an IT solution provider, is a one-stop automated answer for the industry.

All major industries irrespective of topography run with the help of machines, be it heavy or light based on its objective. Acetech commits to provide life-long quality maintenance, being in Machinery manufacturing and distribution.