Mr. D. Srinivasan  – Managing Director

A visionary Mechanical engineer well versed in contemporary technology related to fabrication procedures, he envisioned strategies to meet the growing demand in fabricated products of varied styles. Acetech India was established at Coimbatore to gratify the demands of this region. Renowned for bringing in cutting edge technology in fabrication into the Indian market scenario and with his passion for quality, he increased the scope of business of Acetech. Srinivas is one of the doyens in the region to commercialize laser-related technology as early as 2002. His penchant for operational execution, business excellency process, and business development championed Acetech India into a global corporation which diversified the group into ventures like manufacturing, information technology, advertising services, smart city solutions, digital media, and Laundromat services.

The unquenchable entrepreneur spirit in him resulted in the establishment and introduction of Laser cutting for commercial use in Tamilnadu, South Indias first Tunnel Laundry – Fabrique Laundromat services and the famous name in advertisement sector – Skyrams outdoor advertising all of which exceed corporate sales goals while forging strong executive customer relationships. Srinivas commitment to creating lasting corporate partnerships, engaging clients, communicating brand value and building superior teams has established the brand Acetech


Mr. D. Siddharthan – Director

A technology, Industry veteran Mr. D.Siddharthan began his career by establishing sun notebooks. An expert in surface finishing technology Siddharthan since the late nineties has been building and propelling the Acetech group of companies. The winning combination of dedicated efforts and striving for exponential growth, made him a potential factor in expediting the growth trajectory of Acetech.

Recognizing the growing market for tunnel laundry Siddharthan catalyzed Fabrique Laundromats the first of its kind in south India to hyper-growth while maintaining service delivery. Fabrique Laundromat has positioned itself as the forerunner in the retail laundry service industry in both B2B and B2C models.

A phenomenon that has become increasingly common is reasonably priced housing that incorporates sustainable features. Ardent about technology, large-scale growth, and customer experience Siddharthan launched green housing promoters and city housing promoters. He is the director of Skyrams Advertising and Fabrique Laundromats.


Mr. G. Rammohan – Director

Mr. G. Rammohan is one of the Directors of Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings India Private Limited. With over 20 years of experience in advertising, Mr. G. Rammohan has spearheaded the exponential growth of Skyrams. Passionate about advertising, he led a diverse team to successfully establish Skyrams as the leader in outdoor advertising. He helped develop structured advertising campaigns to increase brand recognition for a wide range of companies, thus establishing a strong customer base.
He holds an MBA in Marketing and Masters in Material Sciences from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore and is also a first-generation entrepreneur.


Mr. Selvakumar – Director

Mr. Selva Kumar is one of the Directors of Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings India Private Limited. Considered to be an energetic leader and a strong motivator, he is known for his ability to envision and create various successful outdoor advertising campaigns. As a strong organizer and a decisive leader, he has led Skyrams on its growth path from the day he began the journey as Director since 2015.

Before forming Skyrams, he was a Network Security Specialist for over 8 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Network Security from the United Kingdom. He possesses an entrepreneurial drive and the vision to drive Skyrams as a singular platform for all advertising needs.